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Could the 'eBussy' be an ID Buzz kill?

If, like me, you love campervans, but can't wait for an electric alternative, then it looks like very soon there'll be a range of options for us to choose from. The future's bright...the future's green.

There are plenty of ways to make your camping trip as 'green' as possible. You can start by choosing campsites that are doing their bit for the environment such, as the ones in The Greener Camping Club.

It's all very well recycling your beer bottles, but right now we need to do quite a bit more, and that means embracing electric. I thought that the only option for the future was the stunning, but presumably pricey I.D.Buzz, expected to be released in 2022.

ID Buzz campervan
The I.D. Buzz is on its way...

It's cool, it's clean, and most importantly it's got that smiley face that nods to the original VW Camper. But what's this coming over the hill....

eBussy - is it a van, is it a car, or is it up to you?

The eBussy - short for electric bus system - claims to be the most innovative light vehicle in the world. Whilst it doesn't have the biggest range compared to some EVs, (starting from 125 miles) it has built-in solar panels so it's constantly refuelling itself.

The best thing is there are plans for at least 10 modular and interchangeable bodies, meaning it can be transformed into a convertible, an off-roader, a delivery van, a combi, a pick-up or of course a campervan in just a few steps. It's like lego for cars! I love the look of the surf van, but of course it's the camper that's really got me interested.

It looks as though the space has been really well thought out with a pop up roof for head space, a full width bed, a compact kitchen pod, and even a pop-out rear panel. Not the biggest camper by the looks of it, but big enough for camping couples.

Prices are expected to start at $18,273, but go up to $33,309 for the top-spec off-roading eBussy camper variant. Compared to the price of a VW California or Grand California, that sounds pretty reasonable. But then, it's coming from a company that currently only has form for making electric scooters. It might be cute, lightweight, and with great environmental credentials, but will it actually make it to market? And will it be good enough to knock the VW camper off the top spot? I don't know about that, but I can certainly see these being a great van for businesses that need a low-emissions van for local deliveries. I hope we see them in the UK soon though - the revolution is coming....and it's looking pretty cute ;)

Thanks for reading, Nick 😄 🚌


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