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Stocking fillers for Campervan fans

In case you hadn't heard, Christmas is coming, and it's hurtling towards us at speeds that are entirely unfamiliar to anyone driving an original campervan. But don't panic! If a campervan nut is on your Christmas list, I've got you covered. I'm fairly sure an actual campervan is outside most budgets, so here are a few ideas to keep your camper-fan sated. For now at least...

vw campervan washbag

Don't forget your could you with this?

When you book with Manchester Camper Hire we include everything you need, including the kitchen sink. But, you'll still need to take your own washkit. Make the morning ritual more fun with a retro campervan wash bag, and for under a tenner too!


Renowned as being one of the most portable ways to have fresh coffee on the go, the AeroPress has developed something of a cult following amongst those who love coffee AND camping. Weighing in at just 400g, the AeroPress can dispense a perfect coffee in under 30 seconds. Maybe I should write another post about ALL of the different options when it comes to camping coffee!


These genius little hot water bottles can be used again and again, on walks, in the tent, or whilst you're out carol singing! Just press the button to kick-start the heat, and you'll have toastie hands in no time. A great practical stocking-filler, and as they come in a pack of 6, you'll get warm hands too!


Never be caught in the dark, and never run out of batteries either! This wind up torch is waterproof to 5 metres, can be charged by solar power, and has a hand-crank dynamo to recharge it too. Perfect to keep in your camping kit - you never know when you might need it!


An absolute must-have for any campervan... retro campervan salt and pepper pots. They're retro, they're cute, they're practical to boot! I've got these in all our vans and our customers always comment on them.


One for the kids, and the adults too! Spend boxing day (or your next camping trip) doing some colouring in.

This cool colouring book is full of Kludo's quirky campervan illustrations to colour yourself calm as you dream of life on the open road. Here, there are no colouring rules to follow, just follow your imagination

and see where it leads.


You had me at melted cheese....

The Diablo Cheese Toastie Maker is a small and portable life-saver. Okay, maybe it's not the most crucial bit of camping kit, but when you rustle up a round of cheese toasties after a day on the hills you'll be treated like a hero.


Be the envy of the campsite when you add a hammock to your camp!

Despite weighing just 440 grams, this hammock kit (including straps and carabiners) can carry 180 kilos of campers, so it will still be good after the most indulgent Christmas!


Give the gift that pays you back...with food!

For all of the fun and freedom of van-life, it's easy to get stuck into a bit of a rut when it comes to your culinary repertoire. Spice things up a bit with the help of the Campervan Cookbook, and soon you'll be enjoying smoothies, crab sandwiches, and cheesecake instead of another bowl of pasta.


The bigger the bobble the better!

Everyone who's into the outdoors needs a decent woolly hat , and in my opinion, they don't come more stylish than the ones from Barts. Something for every taste, including those with none! This winter-warmer will be a guaranteed win on Christmas morning.


The list wouldnt be complete without novelty Christmas socks! People will always need socks, (especially in this weather) so they may as well have socks with campervans on. There's no excuse for having boring black socks anymore.!


I hope this list has helped you get some of your Christmas shopping done from the comfort of your sofa. Of course, if these just aren't quite enough, you could always treat someone to a weekend in a campervan! You can check availability and book HERE. You can reserve a van for £150, and then pay the balance 6 weeks before your trip. And the best thing is, you get to go too!

Thanks for reading!

Nick 😊🚌


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