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The camping gadgets you DON'T need!

(Although I probably can't stop you)

At one end of the campsite there's the seasoned camper who's only packed a Swiss Army Knife and a super-lightweight hammock. At the other end is the family who've got a camping version* of EVERYTHING, including a camping bin, camping telly, and a sleeping bag for the dog.

Here are just a few non-essential bits of camping kit that I reckon you could probably survive without...

First up, is the absolutely rubbish (thank you) camping bin. Just take a few bin bags with you, or use the box that you brought your beer in. There's only one place this is ending up...

Whose bright idea was it to bring Fairy Lights? Okay, so I might be guilty of doing this on occasion. But the problem is all those £2 sets of lights that get used once, break when they get wet, and end up in the camping bin. Maybe I should invest in this solar set for £40....

The next thing to get fired... disposable barbecues! They're often wrapped in plastic, filled with imported unsustainable charcoal, damage grass and picnic benches, and eventually head to landfill. Has anyone else seen the huge pile of leftover ones at Gordale Scar campsite? Why not buy this one instead? It packs flat, but you can use it for years instead of a couple of hours.

Make sure you swerve around this next time you're shopping for camping kit. Seriously, a camping traffic cone? Perhaps take a bit of spray chalk and mark out parking spaces on the grass too...

Some people like to pack everything but the kitchen sink, including a set of kitchen shelving units. Why not just use a couple of stacker boxes at home with all of your camping gear in, ready to go for that last-minute dash for the hills. Then you've got storage and a table in one!

That's not a knife, this is a knife! (And a screwdriver, wire crimper, scissors, can opener, ruler...)

Of course you need a knife, and a bottle opener. But do you need to spend £180 on a multitool?!

This egg box totally cracks me up. Eggs come in a box already! How about buying them from the farm that you're camping at? That's got to make more sense than transporting them to the supermarket, then your house, and then back to the farm again.

If you're feeling flush, why not treat yourself to a camping loo brush! If you do need to pack one, I'm sure a normal loo brush would work just fine. Alternatively, you could just make it through the weekend without one...

I hope this list has raised a smile, and helped you to determine which things you can survive without in the wild. For the other end of the spectrum, see my blog about the camping gadgets you DO need, and watch this space for the ultimate packing list!

Thanks for reading, Nick 🚌😄

I've personally chosen the items to include in my blog - I haven't been paid or given free stuff! However, I may earn a small referral fee if you buy something through one of the above links, but this doesn't affect the products I include or the price you pay. Thanks!


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