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Rent a campervan, plant a tree!

I'm always trying to think of ways to make campervan trips a little bit better, and that doesn't stop at upgrading vans or doing quality control on the free wine and Haribo in the van. I've recently been thinking about how I can make campervan holidays less impactful on the environment.

The good news is that campervan trips are definitely better for the planet than jumping on a plane. It's been calculated that a return flight to Spain for a typical family will generate around 1.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions. A 1000 mile round trip in a campervan will produce around 0.3 tonnes. That's obviously quite a big difference, but it's still not perfect.

All our vans have engines that are as clean, efficient and modern as possible, but I'd love it if all the campervans were 100% electric. Sadly we're not quite there yet...I've shared some info before about the VW I.D. Buzz and some other potential electric vans, but until they're a reality we're going to have to think differently.

So with that in mind I've decided that for every campervan booking in 2022 I'll plant a tree! Well, I'm not actually going to plant all of them myself. I've partnered with a brilliant organisation called City of Trees to do the hard work for me.

City of Trees is a brilliant movement based here in Greater Manchester, bringing together communities, organisations and businesses to tackle the climate emergency and support a green recovery for the region through planting trees and managing woodlands. Their plan is to plant a tree for every resident of Greater Manchester - that's 3 million trees - within 5 years. That includes street trees, community orchards, school projects and even parts of the Northern Forest.

Of course it's great that trees capture carbon. By my estimations one tree could offset ten campervan trips in its lifetime. But we need them for other things too - they're great at preventing soil erosion and flooding, and they obviously provide habitat for wildlife. It's also been found that they can benefit our mental and physical health, at the same time as dishing out free food! Take all the trees out of a camping trip, and things look pretty boring too. Trees provide shade and shelter, they reduce the noise from nearby roads (or other campers!) and make all of your camping holiday pictures look great too. Most importantly, have you ever stayed at a campsite with an amazing rope swing over a river? Without a tree, that would just be a sad looking rope on the floor!

If you want to get involved with City of Trees they've got plenty of opportunities for volunteering, fundraising, and of course donating. Just get in touch with them via the website and they'll be happy to help. If you'd rather just hire a campervan and go hang out amongst the trees, then that's fine too. Every time someone books a trip, I'll donate some money to City of Trees, and they'll plant a tree on our behalf.

I hope this will mean you can enjoy your next trip knowing we've offset some of the carbon. I can't offset the Haribo or wine though...that's on you 😉

Thanks for reading, Nick 😄 🚌 🤟🌳

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