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Food for thought...

Camping food doesn't have to be all Pot Noodles and burnt sausages.

I recently had the pleasure of a camping weekend with Helen from Manchester's very own Moveable Feasts to get some inspiration for a couple of really tasty meals that anyone can easily put together when away in the campervan. Here's a couple just to whet your appetite. Watch this space for more 'cooking in a campervan' ideas coming soon - all meals that can be cooked on our Wallas ceramic hobs, or of course on the barbecue that’s provided with each van.

As Helen's also officially one of Slimming World's "biggest losers" (no seriously, how good’s that?!) everything she makes is cooked from fresh, natural ingredients, low in fat, and packed with veggies!

Here are three meals you could spice up your next camping trip with......


Chicken, olive and lemon Tagine

This low-calorie but super satisfying chicken tagine packs a punch thanks to preserved lemons and olives. Fantastic flavours, all done in one pot on the camping hob, served with cous cous - the smart camper's favourite!

Pork and Bean stew

On Sunday we cooked up a pork and bean stew adding chillies and paprika for extra warmth. The balance of veggies, carbs, and protein in one pot are an easy way to set yourself up for (or recover from) a day on the hills near Meadow Falls Campsite and Ingleton.

Banana Split

Okay, so banana splits are REALLY easy to make - make a slit lengthways in the banana, slide in a couple of chunks of dark chocolate, and wrap in foil. Bake it in the campfire (or wood burning stove if you're in our Glawning!) until soft and gooey. You don't need much chocolate for an indulgent and tasty dessert. Unfortunately, it's also really easy to eat it before you take a picture of it...


Now you can make your next camping trip even easier. If you order some pre-prepared meals from Helen at Moveable Feasts, they'll be waiting for you when you come to collect your van! What could be better?

Just drop me an email if you'd like any more information at

Thanks for reading, Nick 🚌 😄


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