Last updated: 23rd June 2020

The guidance, law, and advice on the coronavirus pandemic is constantly changing. As soon as I get any new information I'll update this page to provide any relevant information about hiring campervans and camping.


Can I take a campervan right now? No, the government guidelines currently state that you can not stay overnight away from your own home. All campsites are closed, wild-camping is not permitted, and as such we're not able to rent out vans.

Are there any exceptions? Yes, if you are a key worker who has to be away from home and you have permission to park on private land with facilities, it may be possible. There's more information below, but if in doubt please phone to check. 

Are you still taking bookings? Yes, you can still book for the summer or autumn. Most campsites will start to open from the 4th of July, but with limited space and facilities. There's more info in my blog.  Please note that the rules for Wales and Scotland may differ to those of England. The earliest date for restrictions to ease in Scotland is currently 15th July. It's unlikely that travel to mainland Europe will be possible this summer. 

What if I need to change my booking? For all 2020 bookings I am offering risk-free flexible bookings. If travel and overnight stays in the UK are not permitted, you can change the date of your booking up to one week before you're due to travel. Please be aware, this is only for bookings affected by government restrictions, not just to allow for a last-minute change of heart! One benefit of campervanning is that if 'local lockdowns' are in place, you can still take your holiday in a different location. I would always recommend taking out appropriate travel insurance in case you can't travel for other reasons. If you have to rebook you can select any date before 31st October 2021, at the same rates. Any money you've already paid will be transferred to your new booking, and if there's still a balance outstanding, this will be due 6 weeks before the start of your new dates. My prices are the same all year round and there's no charge for moving the booking.

What are your prices? My prices are the same all year round, and prices are the same as they were in 2019. A three day break starts from £280 and you can check prices and availability here.

What are you doing differently now? To ensure the safety of our customers I've created video tours to cut down on face to face time when you collect the van. Vans are always cleaned between hires, and I'm now also disinfecting keys, steering wheels, door handles and more. You can get a quote, book, pay, and even sign the hire agreement online, so everything is contactless.

What if I'm travelling from abroad? From the 8th to the 29th of June the UK is operating a 14 day quarantine requirement. All people arriving in the UK will need to remain in isolation at a single address for 14 days. This means that campervan travel will not be an option for people arriving from outside the UK. However, it is likely that these restrictions will be eased in July. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has of course had a huge impact on Manchester Camper Hire.  I'm doing everything I can to make sure customers are safe and don't lose out, but it's just me so please be patient! By hiring one of the vans you agree to act within the laws at the time of your booking, and as always I hope that you'll respect the local communities you visit by leaving no trace. Thank you to everyone who has continued to book, has moved their bookings to 2021, and has continued to offer support through this extremely challenging time. It means a lot!!



If you've got any questions please feel free to call, or drop me an email. You can get more info on the current restrictions and advice below.

Government advice from the 1st of June 2020:


At all times, you should continue to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines when you are outside your home, particularly ensuring you are two metres away from anyone outside your household.

You cannot stay overnight away from your own home, except for in a limited set of circumstances, such as for work purposes

1.12 Are there restrictions on how far I can travel for my exercise or outdoor activity?
No. You can travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance, as long as you can return the same night and do not put others at risk because of services you may need in the time you are away. If visiting other parts of the UK – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – you must adhere to the laws and guidance of the devolved administrations at all times.

1.14 Can I share a private vehicle with someone from another household?
You should avoid sharing a private vehicle with members of another household as you will not be able to keep strict social distancing guidelines. The Department for Transport has provided specific guidance on using private vehicles. Please see their guidance on Private cars and other vehicles for more information on car sharing and traveling with people outside your household group.

1.15 Are day trips and holidays ok? Can people stay in second homes?
Day trips to outdoor open space are permitted as long as you can return the same night. You should make sure you do not put others at risk because of services you may need in the time you are away. You should practise social distancing from other people outside your household. You should continue to avoid using public transport if you can. Consider all other forms of transport before using public transport. If you need to use public transport, use should follow the safer travel guidance for passengers.
You are not permitted to stay overnight away from the place where you are living for a holiday or similar purpose. This includes staying overnight in a second home. If your work requires you to stay away from home you can do but should continue to practice social distancing. 
Premises such as hotels and bed and breakfasts will remain closed, except where providing accommodation for specific reasons set out in law.

1.18 Can I visit outdoor tourist sites? What about indoor ones?

Yes, you can still travel to outdoor areas, such as National Parks or beaches. Some venues are not allowed to be open so it is advisable to check ahead to ensure the venue is open to visitors. Indoor sites and some outdoor attractions are still not allowed to re-open.

3.2 What is a critical worker?
Critical workers are those working in health and care and other essential services, who can take their children to school or childcare, regardless of year group, and can use hotels and other accommodation services for work related purposes - for example if they can’t get home after a shift or need to isolate from their families. This critical worker definition does not affect whether or not you can travel to work – if you are not a critical worker, you may still travel to work if you cannot reasonably work from home.

Further information regarding restrictions and closures during the emergency period can be found here: 


5.—(1) A person responsible for carrying on a business, not listed in Part 3 of Schedule 2, of offering goods for sale or for hire in a shop, or providing library services must, during the emergency period—

(3) Subject to paragraph (4), a person responsible for carrying on a business consisting of the provision of holiday accommodation, whether in a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday apartment, home, cottage or bungalow, campsite, caravan park or boarding house, must cease to carry on that business during the emergency period.

(4) A person referred to in paragraph (3) may continue to carry on their business and keep any premises used in that business open—

(a) to provide accommodation for any person, who—

(i) is unable to return to their main residence;

(ii) uses that accommodation as their main residence;

(iii) needs accommodation while moving house;

(iv) needs accommodation to attend a funeral;

(b) to provide accommodation or support services for the homeless,

(c) to host blood donation sessions, or

(d) for any purpose requested by the Secretary of State, or a local authority. 

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